Monday, June 30, 2014

About the Liberty Run Foundation

The Liberty Run Foundation began with a relay race plotted on a highway map in 1985. Three teams of seven US Marines collected donations as they ran a 610-mile course, later known as the Liberty Run Marathon, that finished at the Statue of Liberty. What was to become the Liberty Run Foundation dedicated its funds to the restoration project at the statue. Since then, the foundation has significantly expanded its services.

One of the organization's primary tasks is the Liberty Run Foundation -- Veteran to Veteran (LRF-V2V) program. In LRF-V2V, wounded and combat veterans mentor returning warriors who have been injured and are undergoing difficult recoveries. Since veterans share many common experiences, participants in V2V receive advice they can relate to, which improves their chances for a productive return to civilian life. This includes coaching those who have post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, homelessness, and other serious issues.

The foundation reaches out to homeless veterans by providing care packages in the form of “comfort bags.” In addition to supplying direct aid, this makes it possible for volunteers to establish relationships with the vets.

For information on making a donation or serving as a volunteer, please visit the foundation's website at